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Arius Gray
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United States
Soooo... I haven't updated this thing in forever so here we go!

The name's Arius Gray, and I'm kind of a badass. I guess I could be classified as anything from "Gamer" to "Otaku". I currently reside in Germany, as that's where I'm stationed. Yeah btw I'm in the Air Force, so yeah, there's that >_>
Anyways, I've always loved to draw for fun. I don't really see making a professional thing of it but I love my art and I love every opportunity I get to expand upon my skills.

Now to the other most important category of my life; Gaming! I love any and all games, but I am a huge Square Enix fan first and foremost. They may well be my favorite game development company. Add me on X-box if ya want; Gamertag is Lord Sieghart. Oh and I also loves me some Pokèmon. Dragonite's the fave! No one can stand up to my unstoppable dragons.

Which brings me to another point. If you ask anyone about me *cough* :iconnextthesquare: *cough* and they bring up my dragon fetish, it's just because they're jealous that I have the heart and soul of a dragon and they don't >_>

Anyways yeah, that's a bit about me so yeah..... QUE VILLAINOUS EXIT LAUGH! hmhmhmhmBAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOLISH MORTALS! I'LL SEE YOU SOON, SO YOU BETTER START POWER LEVELING... AND GET SOME BETTER GEAR... NOOOOOOOOOOBS!!!! ...jk I love you guise..... except you Next <_< .... Stop hating on my dragon swag
Damn... "Wreck it Ralph" was legitimately a good movie xD When it wasn't being hilarious or awesome, it actually punched me in the feels a few times... ;~; Anyways, I loved the video game cameos, and they did a pretty badass job of putting you in the villain's shoes. I definitely enjoyed it and recommend this to everyone; gamers and non-gamers alike :D

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